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Khoomei Beat
Khoomei Beat is a representative of the new generation of Tuvan musicians. Getting their inspiration from the Tuvan folk, musicians are mixing it with rock music, light jazz and pop. This allows them to tell about the history, traditions and customs of their nation in a modern way. In their music one can feel the power of the wind, which brings the smell of mountain’s herbs and see herds of sheep and grazing horses in the mountain valleys.
Khoomei Beat popularizes Tuvan throat singing in a different way. Sometimes it’s a roaring, then tender and caressing sound, with a background of igil, byzaanchi, drums, bass-guitar and keyboard, that altogether represent new impression for the listeners. And sounds of the cello add spicy seasoning, savory sensitivity to the overall sound of the band.
The band gets its inspiration from the old archive records and modern music. Tuvan folk music and throat singing stay as a starting point, but don’t restrict musicians: remaining faithful to national roots, they are open to various styles and new trends.
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