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Influence: Mediterranean
About "Preveza (Πρέβεζα)"
III. Preveza
Preveza (Greek: Πρέβεζα) is a town in the region of Epirus, northwestern Greece, located at the mouth of the Ambracian Gulf. It is the capital of the regional unit of Preveza, which is part of the region of Epirus. Is the native city of Odysseas Androutsos, a hero of the Greek War of Independence.

Julyo (guitars, bass guitar, mandola, synthesizers and shakers)
Szalay Péter (Greek bouzouki)
Georgi Ivanov (cajón, batá and claps)
Itamar Kornel (frame drum, bells)
Dario "Duck" Rodighiero (piano)

Recorded and mixed at Boom Studio and Origo Studio (Budapest, HU), ExP Studio IE and various locations in Europe (hotel rooms, backstages, open-air spaces, etc.)