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Genre: ballad, jazz
About "Sarabande De Solitude"
Composed by Shawn Ellison with French lyrics by Julie Slim depicting her journey from her home country, Lebanon, to the United States during the Civil War and the emotional effects it had on her and on her mother, who remained in Lebanon.

Recorded in Austin TX with her band RendezVous and special guest violinist, Javier Chaparro and oud player, Josh Peters. RendezVous band members:
Shawn Ellison: piano
Shirley Johnson: accordion
Phil Spencer: upright bass
Joe McCreary: drums

Recording Engineer: Jason Richard @Clockright Studio
Cover Art: Maha Nasrallah
Cover Design: Nayla Slim-Walk

Je quitte.
Tu restes au port.
Ton regard me déchire
Vagues! Emporte mon coeur
Et donne le lui pour un dernier sourire.

Maman, ne pleure pas
Je reviendrais pour toi
Tes larmes, une rivière
Que je naviguerai vers toi

Les arbres sages de mon enfance
Qui racontaient les secrets du passé
Remplacés par les boîtes de ciment
Sourds et froids

Je rêve, et j’écoute et je trouve
Le courage que tu me donne
A travers ce grand océan qui nous sépare

La solitude, mon abri
En face de tous ces gens qui me bousculent
Dans cette ville froide D’étrangers qui me jugent.

Le temps coule lentement
Je m’adapte doucement
Jusqu’au jour où
Je t’emmènerai
Ma chère maman,
Près de moi

English Translation:
I leave as you stand at the port
The look in your eyes is tearing me apart
Oh waves, take my heart and give it to her for one last smile

Mom, please don’t cry
I will come back for you
Your tears, the river
That I will navigate back to you

The wise trees of my childhood
That told me secrets of the past
Are now replaced by cement boxes
Deaf and cold

I dream, I listen and I find
The courage that you send to me
Across this big ocean That separates us

Solitude, my shelter
From the crowds of prying people
In this cold city of strangers that judge me

Time flows by slowly
I persevere and adapt
Until the time comes
When I will bring you, Close to me, my dear mom.