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John Reed
Winter Turns to Spring This is to wish everyone a happy festive season, wherever you are, whatever you are doing, and in spite of the coronavirus. The Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere is behind us and we can look forward to the Spring. Meanwhile, enjoy precious time with your loved ones, stay well, and smile...most of all, smile.


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Live Performance Link 9th December - 6pm GMT/UTC
I am performing an hour long live set comprising old and new songs, quiet and raucous, thoughtful and occasionally Bolshie.
Please come and join me via the following link more
Live Performance 9th December It's frustrating for us all not to be able to get out there and play live in front of an audience, but 'Online Live' has made musicians realise they can reach a wider audience when true live finally returns. I have struggled to enjoy many of the live streams because the audio quality has been so poor, so my choice is to play live, record the performance, and upload it as a YouTube Premiere.

So I will perform a 60 minute gig from 6pm GMT/UTC on Wednesday 9th December from my attic studio. Look out for the premiere at and set a reminder if you are able to join me.

Take care everyone and keep creating. We will see better times!


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December Live Performance "Live" Whatever happened to true 'live'?

We all know it will be back one day and we can get out to the pubs and clubs, cafes and bars to see musicians at their work. For the moment we are all having to hold up our profiles virtually, and either live stream performances or uploaded recorded live shows. The interesting thing here is that 'Live Online' will continue when the pandemic finally leaves us. It has provided another string to every musician's bow.

Having experimented with live streaming and being disappointed with its quality, my choice has been to play occasional live online shows, but always to record them first and upload them to a channel that I know will present them with good quality audio. The next one of these will be on Wednesday 9th December at 6pm GMT (Greenwich Mean Time), and will comprise an even mix of old and new songs.

So why don't you set a reminder and join me for an hour? The YouTube link will follow at a later date so keep looking out for that.

Pease and take care

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John is a singer-songwriter, cittern and guitar player and radio host from North West England, whose songs are environmentally and politically charged, personal and compelling.

His 2019 "Inheritance" album takes a different direction than previous works. "Inheritance" is about ancestry, family and love and covers environmental and protest themes dating back to 1807.
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