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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influence: African , Caribbean
Genre: worldmusic
About "White Bubu"
White Bubu
Featuring: Roman Bunka on Oud
The white bubu was the dictator in The Gambia for more then 20 years
he always wears a white bubu to pretend he is a holy person.
the truth is different and anyone who open his eyes can see it. Just follow his actions
and make up your own mind....!
He tortured and killed people, stole their property and then you are left with nothing...that ́s what happened in Batukunko 2013 and many other places.
I ́m one of the victims who lost their homes. With this song I express my pain, because all that is left in the end is to free your mind and be free again....
But # Gambia has decided # his Time is over now.