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Influence: African , Latin American
Genre: afro, reggae
About "Todos Juntos"
Todos Juntos

“This world is one and for all. We will live all together...”

We wish to humbly thank Los Jaivas and the Family Parra for granting us permission
to record our version of this classic and important song first released in 1972 at the beginning of the military dictatorship in Chile.
During these dark times, the band was exiled, first to Argentina and then to Paris, France until returning home to Chile after the end of Pinochet years.

MC´s rap describes how when the people are hungry, they can never be fooled by the polarizing discourse of greedy politicians.

I first heard Todos Juntos during an informal sing-along with my beautiful Chula sisters from Mexico.
During those parties, we always sang Bob Marley tunes, because everyone knew the Lyrics and I knew the chords...
Then Sister Gwyn began singing Todos Juntos and everybody knew the lyrics.
I figured out the chords on the spot and began to play it with the reggae grooves that we already had going while singing Bob´s tunes.
I didn´t hear the original or learn the great history behind the song and the group Los Jaivas until much later. Miriama

Music and Lyrics by Los Jaivas
Additional Lyrics by MC Etienne Olanguena
Arrangement by Miriama Broady