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Jeremy Davis
January 01/05/17, 2017
Jackie Paladino Offers Help with New Video
Jackie Paladino is becoming one of the most prolific indie-songstresses of our time. For Paladino, she writes from the heart, and uses her past experiences in her music, which brings to life very heavy topics. For her latest single "Rescue Me," we hear Paladino take the lyricism to a whole new level. Her grace throughout the track offers not only compassion, but inspiration to other as well.

Never a songwriter to stray away from topics that bring to life vulnerability, "Rescue Me," is a very personal piece for the artist as it was literally essential to her survival. During a very chaotic period in her life, in which she herself was struggling with an eating disorder, it touches upon the often delicate subject, and the shame, isolation and nature that often comes with it. On her road to recovery, with the help of her own musical inspiration, Jackie Paladino let's us all know that we are not alone in our fights and struggles.


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