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Jeremy Davis
October 10/21/16, 2016
Melted State Spreads the Love with \

Melted State has unveiled their impressive album today, the bold "Dipped in Soul." Quickly showing they are a prominent mainstay in the indie world, the group dabbles in an uplifting, and often vibrant acoustic-felt rock, that has the band taking center stage. Overall the record is solid, as it drives home a sound that is equally unique and impressive. Together the band brings their musical forces together to create a record that is filled with gorgeous vocals and stunning instrumentation. They blend genres from rock to soul that will draw you in within every listen.

Singer Noah Kibreab is a heavenly delight, as his vocals drift from song to song. My favorite song on the record is the hauntingly gorgeous piece, "She's Got Soul" which stopped me dead in my tracks. With an accessible sound, and a strong songwriting talent, we hear a band that will easily stand the test of time. Melted State's "Dipped in Soul" is out today, and can be found via the band's website: 


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