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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
United States
October 10/17/16, 2016
Paulo Franco Debuts \
This weekend was quite an eventful one for singer-songwriter Paulo Franco. With a release show and his newly released record, "The Last Card," he has been making quite an impression on the ears of music listeners. The charming record goes beyond Americana and Alt-Country, to bring life into his own eclectic vision.
Earlier this Summer we saw Franco release the hit single, and The Boot approved tune, "Leaving the River City." This was only the start of what Franco had to offer us, as when you dig deeper into "The Last Card," you get a better sense of Franco as a songwriter, and on a personal level as well. He pens heartfelt songs that have made writers and listeners take note, as the subject matter and delivery go above and beyond to create music that truly stands out from the rest. With stunning vocals, an all-star backing band, and a brilliant collection of songs, Franco is ready to take the world, head on.
Be sure to pick up "The Last Card," on multiple outlets here: