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August 08/20/16, 2016
Ajay Mathur\'s Nothing Really Matters is Vulnerable and Inviting

Born in India and now residing in Switzerland, Ajay Mathur gives us something classic as well as unexpected. The traditional Indian elements tucked into a psychedelic/alt-rock package create a unique and inviting sound.  This blend is the perfect complement to his emotive vocals. 

The track Nothing Really Matters from his 2015 release 9 to 3 is a masterpiece of elegant darkness.  It has been nominated for a 2017 Grammy for Best Rock Song.  Accompanying the song is a beautiful video that is the result of a collaboration between Mathur and photographer Raffaella Bachmann. 

The black and white imagery of the video is a perfect match for Mathur’s aching vocals.  Mathur is reflecting on a long-term relationship that has fallen apart.  The heartbreak and confusion morph slowly into a numbness and a questioning of the point of existence if things cannot be as they once were.  This is a very personal catharsis but it is one many can relate to. 


Watch the video for Nothing Really Matters here:

Stream the full album here:


Image by Paul Pacitti (