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Jeremy Davis
August 08/19/16, 2016
Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics Take Us to New Places

There is nothing I love more in music than brass and a sound deriving from unique fusion. Needless to say Mac Gollehon is an exemplary figure in both of these camps.  Having worked with acts from the late David Bowie to Duran Duran to Simply Red to Rick James, his resume is awe-inspiring. 

His latest release Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics (that name is amazing) is a ten-track, beautiful brass cornucopia.  The mix of salsa rhythms with electronic is a fusion I can get behind. No More Drama is an explosive first track. With layers of dynamic trumpet and hip shaking percussion you get a taste of the fun right away.  Tracks two and three, Amor Tragico and Exito Obscuridad especially stand out.  Their subtle, futuristic instrumentation made me feel as though I was attending Latin Night at a lounge in outer space.  I rather enjoyed that.

Along with the release we have a music video for the track No More Drama directed by Dylan Greenberg.  The video features Gollehon with a small band of dancing friends who are all traveling around to various places in New York.  These are alternated with shots of Gollehon alone in a dark club dressed in a mighty sharp, paisley suit. The characters and tone of the video were to be a mix of quirky and surreal.  While I thought Gollehon’s scenes and overall look fit the concept, I found his group of people to be a little less engaging thus not allowing the video to live up to its full potential.  If there were a larger group of people and they were behaving more obscurely I think it would have been a homerun.  Then again, I live in San Francisco and thus my standard for kooky people on the street is pretty high.

Musically, this was a real treat for me.  Gollehon is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist who has taken me to new places through his masterful trumpet playing. 


 Stream No More Drama here:

Watch the video for No More Drama here:





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