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Jeremy Davis
August 08/16/16, 2016
Come to the Edge by Tumbler Has Something for Everyone

Tumbler is a family band with a few friends sprinkled in. Primarily made up of father and son, Richard and Harry Grace and good friend Dave Needham, their tight bond shines through in their cohesive sound.  It is clear that they love working together and having fun while developing their songs. 

The band straddles the line between alt rock and folk rock, a mixture that will garner them a large following. Their second release Come to the Edge is a twelve track album that hooked me in from the start. The opening track Black Sheep had me tapping my foot and clapping along. This is the kind of song that makes me say “Wow, I’d really like to see these guys live!”

The instrumentation throughout the album is fairly minimal, relying heavily on guitar. However, the use of guitar was so intricate and ample that I didn’t feel there was anything lacking.  Though the album was cohesive there was a nice variety of tone.  Whether you want a song that makes you move or a song that moves you’ll find both here. 

The album’s fourth track was a standout for me.  Nothing to Hold You has a jaunty rhythm.  This is paired with lyrics about the singer’s lady love leaving him. This juxtaposition of happy and unfortunate creates a slight humor. I could picture it as the soundtrack to a scene gone awry in a British romantic comedy.  It also gave me a sense of nostalgia which I enjoyed.  The album’s sixth track, Week, was another one of my favorites.  It is one of the more reflection inducing tracks, like a journey into a young person’s desire to make sense of his place in the world.  Joanne was also quite lovely.  With its delicate piano it is a tender love ballad to someone who seems to have passed on.

Overall, I really enjoyed this album.  It comprises a range of emotions conveyed to us through masterful guitar playing and great vocals.  I see Tumbler having great radio appeal and I look forward to hearing them on the airwaves soon. 

Stream Come to the Edge here:


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