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Jeremy Davis
May 05/11/16, 2016
The Manimals Unleash the Prominent \

Game of Thrones fans unite! The Manimals are here from Brooklyn for an enchanting new take on the hit series by R.R. Martin. Late last month we saw the band releasing their album SEVEN which is a take on the show's brilliant Season 6. Led by Brooklynite Haley Bowery, the band brings the album to fruition with each song on the record acting as it's own chapter. SEVEN has the feel of a well-written novel, where every word is carefully planned.

Bowery, which appears to be one of the driving forces behind the storyline, brings each track together with her stunning, and catchy vocals. The Manimals as a whole deliver a record that is a must listen for 2016, as they dive deep into the characters that bring Game of Thrones alive. The focus single, "Talk," is the first being shared, as it springs to life with the character, Tirone. With a sassy video accompanying the song, we get the full view of The Manimals, in their Game of Thrones inspired world, and their Glam Rock glory.

It is safe to say I've found my favorite new band for 2016.

"We don't get to choose whom we love."

 "Talk" by The Manimals:


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