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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
United States
January 01/22/15, 2015
Swedish Folk: Tom Levin


Folk from Sweden is always a treat, and Tom Levin is no exception. The prolific singer-songwriter is currently promoting his new album "Them Buffalo," which is the second in his 2014 series. The singer has released his debut U.S. single for "Mind's Eye," and has been garnering quite a bit of attention. Levin has a remarkable knack for building foot stomping tracks, that bring his latest release to fruition. For his latest single and record, Levin called upon The House of Songs, which is a project that involved musicians from all over the world and genres, collaborating on new music. This makes the record extra magical and a change of pace from the rest. Tom's voice is powerful and charasmatic as it glides through each piece. "Mind's Eye" is a superb example of this with uplifiting undertones and glorious stings.