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United States
December 12/01/21, 2021
The Daddy Raygun Band Provide a Breath of Fresh Air on New Single The Daddy Raygun Band is a collective of renowned Toronto musicians that collaborate to produce musical soundscapes for the lyrical musings of their friend Danny Regan. Void of a musical background, Regan's somewhat unorthodox song structures rely more on storytelling techniques than traditional songwriting formats. He prefers to paint pictures with words to take the listener on an aural journey.

Bordering on gothic country, Regan speaks on new single, “The One Armed Man” – The majority of my friends are musicians. I am not. I am a storyteller. A writer. I wanted to collaborate with them musically. They challenged me to write a song. I did. They liked it. They agreed to provide the music to my words. The Daddy Raygun Band was formed.

Listen here: