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May 05/17/21, 2021
YEW HAIKU Reveals \ Isolation, post-industrialization, and internet addiction might just be the millennial generation’s drugs, sex, or rock and roll. Yew Haiku, the moniker for singer-songwriter Fuschia Smith, doesn’t want to be another dancing pallbearer. With her 3-song EP release Psy and Cygnet, she has chosen to focus more on storytelling than production, teaming up with one half of Lannds, producer Brian Squillace, for the acousti-pop tracks.

Yew Haiki Shares:

This is a song about the cruel reality check that follows any kind of projection or idolization, whether through love or consumerism.

Equally inspired by baroque folk and bedroom pop, Yew Haiku felt her own production sound was too reminiscent of ambient or environmental music genres to pair with recurring internal narratives. Looped tape hiss be damned, one gets the feeling the narration of human frustration and hope is more than a superficial pastime but stay tuned.

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