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Jeremy Davis
March 03/30/21, 2021
Israeli vocal-medium Raphaela Gilla just put out her newest spiritual album, “Ancient Angel." Even though she was born in Israel, she is now based in Berlin and London and works as both a musician and Spiritual Guide. She lets her spiritual background take center stage in her music, stating “The first time that I held a Singing Bowl in my hands I heard magical sounds, music & melodies from another world”. She shares her teachings and guidance through both her work as a musician and a messenger of an ancient shaman tribe.

Lead single “The Love Of All” is a soothing ballad filled with an echoing piano, angelic harmonies, and mesmerizing chimes. She slips in and out of English while delivering her empowering spiritual teachings that really resonate in the soul of anyone who hears them. When it comes to her choices for musical instruments, Gilla says, “Since that first time of revelation the same divine magic was happening with every musical instrument that I was holding in my hands. Especially with exotic, far east instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, shaman drums, shruti box. They have become my loyal musical companions”.

Raphaela Gilla is able to combine her passions for both music and spirituality in such a beautiful way, and that is shown in this record. Her vocal ability, her connectivity to the outer elements of the world, and her capabilities in creating captivating melodies and visuals are just a few of the reasons we were so blown away by this track and accompanying video. The illustration video that she has so tastefully paired with this audio release has completely entranced her fans, allowing them to go along the journey of nature, connectivity, and inner peace.

With the release of her full album, “Ancient Angel” Raphaela Gilla is a force of nature, and is helping her listeners to grow spiritually, mentally, and emotionally along the way.

Listen here:


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