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Jeremy Davis
February 02/01/21, 2021
I genuinely cannot put into words how much I loved classical composer Gustav Hoyer’s new single “Innocence”. The title of the track fits the composition perfectly from beginning to end with the choice of instruments and the floating feeling everything has. Hoyer has said before that it is his mission to break the stereotype that people always associate with classical music, and with this single and the rest of his discography, I believe that he is making his dream a reality.

The beauty in “Innocence” is the simplicity of the composition. Relying mainly on the string section of the Budapest Film Orchestra, Hoyer uses beautiful harps and swelling violins to give listeners an overwhelming feeling of warmth. While most of the song is very joyous, there is one part that contrasts from the rest, having a more dark and conflicting presence. The resolve from this section of darkness back into the light helps to relay the message of this song. There is so much to love about this song, no matter what your opinions about classical music are.

Gustav Hoyer has made a very impressive reputation for himself as a composer, and songs like “Innocence” perfectly display why. The way the composition of the song is able to bring emotions out of people is breathtaking. It’s songs like the ones Hoyer creates that remind me why I love playing in symphonies myself. “Innocence” is the second single to be debuted from Hoyer’s upcoming album. It is set to be released in the summer of 2021, and let me just say, I can’t wait.

Listen in here:


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