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Jeremy Davis
January 01/14/21, 2021
South Carolina-based band Honeypot started off 2021 by releasing their newest single, “Fake News”. Consisting of Frank Hartman on guitar, drums, and vocals and Chris Chamberlin on bass, backing, and production, the band takes influence from classic rock while still having a progressive sound. Honeypot mostly uses their music to comment on social and political topics like the election and human development throughout life. They touch on important issues while still maintaining an upbeat rock style with their music, which I personally respect a lot.

“Fake News” was a single originally written in 2018, but in the words of the band, “ that 2020 and the presidential reign are ending, it seems the perfect send-off to both”. The music video for the song starts off with Martin Niemoller’s iconic poem “First they came…”, a poem that leaves a haunting impression in me to this day. It then goes into the song, which calls out the media and commentates on the presidency of Donald Trump, who is very heavily compared to Adolf Hitler by the song and the video. The song has a very satirical element to it that makes it enjoyable for anyone, even if they don’t really know what is going on in politics. The way the song holds a classic rock sound while still featuring new-age elements like vocal distortion is very impressive and gives the song an edge that other political satires do not have.

In a time where talk of politics seems to dominate society, Honeypot definitely shares their opinions in a much more light-hearted way than most others do. They don’t hold back when it comes to what they are thinking, but are still able to make the listener laugh with their delivery. They are insanely clever when it comes to everything they are doing, whether that be with their music or with naming their fanbase the Honeypotheads, which is just amazing. I can’t wait to see what social commentary they make next and how they use their unique sound to do so.

Watch the video here!


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