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Jeremy Davis
January 01/05/21, 2021
“We’re On Fire In Georgia” is a powerful anthem that will surely resonate amongst Georgia residents. Outlining the political controversy over the upcoming senate election in Georgia, Lynne Revo-Cohen, of I Will Productions sends a message to the GOP and people of the United States. Through story-telling and a fabulous and motivating music video, Lynne Revo-Cohen is fully aware of the impact music can have on our society. 

With everything that went on politically in 2020 -- the American people are tired of not being heard. Lynne Revo-Cohenn perfectly captures the message of the importance of WHO to vote for and WHAT they stand for. With powerful quotes streamlining in the background, and images from various protests for human rights, this video (and political campaign) truly represents any marginalized people. 
Both the music video and soundtrack were composed for Jon Osoff and Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate Runoff race. This song has successfully turned controversial and touchy topics into a catchy anthem. 

Revo-Cohen has written music for the Obama campaign, and the Women’s March in 2017 and both Clinton campaigns. Her passion and dedication for social awareness and change has influenced these and various campaigns, but most importantly, the people of Georgia must receive her call to action. Listen to Lynne Revo-Cohen, understand the video, and get out there and VOTE! 

Watch and listen here:


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