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Jeremy Davis
December 12/21/20, 2020
The Brooklyn based, classic rock driven band R Train is back with a fresh take on “Dear Mr. Fantasy” by Steve Winwood and Traffic. R Train blends hair rock sound with arena rock energy to spin new life into an age old classic. In fact, you might mistake this cover for an original — filled with supernatural guitars, powerful drums, and funky vocals, R Train’s new version feels nostalgic in all the right places, yet entirely modern.

R Train consists of vocalist/guitarist Jeffrey Black, drummer/vocalist Mike Annese, and bassist/harmony Denny Lee. The band has been playing together since 2019, but their long careers in the industry shine through their music. They released their single “Take a Ride” last month alongside a virtual livestream show benefiting The National Fallen Firefighters’ Association. “Dear Mr. Fantasy” similarly drops hand in hand with a music video, a fun homage to Mr. Fantasy who has the power to “distract us from darkness, gloom, and fear that presently exist” as the band members have remarked.

Even through a glowing, blue light heavy screen, R Train’s latest releases manage to fill listeners with energy. Visit the band’s Spotify or YouTube page to accompany R Train on the epic journey that is their cover of “Dear Mr. Fantasy!”

Watch and listen here!


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