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Jeremy Davis
December 12/18/20, 2020
Eric Selby has been a session drummer for more than 20 years. He’s been named Blue411‘s Drum Thumper “Jimi” Award winner, been nominated for multiple WAMMIE awards, inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame, and has been featured in Modern Drummer for his approach and unique drumming perspective. He’s stepped out from behind the drums and we are all better for it.

His vocals are slightly reminiscent of Trey Anastasio from Phish (in the best possible way) but the music is retro and gives us warm 80’s grooves with a little bit of Pink Floyd. We listened over and over and the music feels familiar and yet it’s hard to compare it to any one thing.

About “Another Page’s” chorus Eric says: I practice meditation and appreciate the concept of how our lives flow within and without one another. No matter what happens: birth, work, happiness, heartache, death…everything just keeps flowing and moving. The chorus to “Another Page” tries to convey this perspective of: “It’s everything I think of, it floats around in time, just add another page…I like the idea of how our lives are like a script or a book and how we can just add pages as our lives evolve and revolve and, if we choose, we can burn pages, similar to a burning bowl ceremony. If you aren’t familiar with a burning bowl ceremony, it is a transformative ritual usually performed to release something that no longer serves you. I communicate that in the chorus with: “To the ones I’ve ever loved and the ones I wish I could, just add another page, the flame embraces wood.”

My advice - just listen and then listen again. You won’t be disappointed

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