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Jeremy Davis
November 11/19/20, 2020
For anyone whose relationship is struggling to withstand the confines of quarantine, Red Flower Lake understands. The indie-pop duo comprised of real-life husband and wife Abel and Rahimah Wright makes lush, romantic ambient-pop in the style of Mazzy Star or Cigarettes After Sex, and their new Three Truths EP is all about the struggle to keep love alive in a long-term commitment. The EP (which was released on all streaming platforms in September 2020) opens with "Heart is Breaking", a song Rahimah says is about feeling wrecked by how hard it is to be a partnership in parenting, wrecked by trying our very best and falling short, over and over again. Sounds like the definitive experience of being a family (even a chosen family) in quarantine to me. Not many songs speak to how often we can feel heartbroken even while in love - this one offered a refreshing truth.

Musically, "Heart is Breaking" opens with an expansive, late 80's-inspired series of chords that suggested Cyndi Lauper might be on the way. Instead, Rahimah's sultry vocals stretch across the lower register in the dreamlike yet powerful manner of Cat Power; they're supported by an accumulating kaleidoscope of electronic sounds, layering to a climax as the song progresses.

Red Flower Lake is based out of their home studio in Virginia, where they turn the agony and ecstasy of love and partnership into art. Maybe their romantic songs will be just what you and yours need to rekindle the spark at home.

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Cole Son
Cole Son (12/01/20 17:55)
kewl. will check it out.
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