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Jeremy Davis
November 11/11/20, 2020
Honeypot’s new single, “Over The Line,” rolls in perfectly on the heels of the election. The band’s lead singer and guitarist, Frank Hartman, blends grunge rock of the 60s and 70s with modern day political commentary, calling for compromise between political parties and standing up to the system. 

“Over The Line” is a socially conscious version of progressive rock reminiscent of Rush or Pink Floyd. Frank explains that the inspiration for the song was “the deep divide we have as a country. There is a feeling of ‘us vs. them’ that should not be.” The single calls for listeners to put America over this division, and this message is perfectly backed by Honeypot’s striking music video. 

The video features imagery relating to so many of the issues highlighted in 2020, especially police violence and Black Lives Matter protests. The video demonstrates that, while these issues divide our nation, Americans are coming together to combat injustice, caring and supporting one another rather than succumbing to the system. It’s a well timed message accompanied by an amazing track from this accomplished rock group.

Watch the video here!


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