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Jeremy Davis
April 04/09/19, 2019
Love & Rescue Drive Us Home With New Single

Members of what would become Love & Rescue met while performing at church. The burgeoning band became sacred ground for a bunch of young musicians weaned on rock, metal, pop, Southern rock, indie rock, and pop-punk. As the band’s sound and lineup began to stabilize, the four-piece group found themselves gravitating toward modern country. It was a natural fit because of its eclectic musical pedigree mirrored by contemporary country’s melting pot sensibility. Cementing the band’s direction was Ryan’s country music upbringing and the soulful twang that is signature to his singing. 

Love & Rescue became an official band in 2015, and, since then, has issued two singles, and the EP There & Back. The band’s low-key visual vibe, offset by its world-class musicianship, has wowed audiences regionally. Currently, Love & Rescue is planning more comprehensive tours while putting the finishing touches on its second EP to be released late March 2019. The four-piece band’s original sound fits snuggly alongside tracks by Keith Urban, Jason Aldean, Thomas Rhett, and Brothers Osbourne, among others. 


It’s an exciting time to be Love & Rescue and it shows in the band’s upcoming EP which bursts with peppy pop-punky tempos, and engaging lyrics that intriguingly contrast the upbeat and fun musicality inherent in the songs. Reflecting on the road ahead, Ryan says: “Our love for what we do has been our guide, and we pour that into our music. We’re excited to share our purpose and passion with others.”


Their new single "Find Her" is out now via digital outlets.


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