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Jeremy Davis
October 10/25/18, 2018
Getting into the FLOW of Things

FLOW has been one of our favorite new discoveries of the year. With magnetic hooks and visionary songwriting, the group is off to a great start as they have displayed their debut record with the world. As they blend elements of Jazz, Classical and New Age, they begin their journey one musical note at a time, with a sound both unique and perfect. Recently we caught up with FLOW as they discuss their new record, latest single, and what 2019 has in store for our ears.

When you are writing music, what comes first, the music or the lyrics?  
Our music is without lyrics.  To quote a well known saying: ‘music takes over where words leave off’.   FLOW is an instrumental group, we cross genres to include a little Jazz and classical, but we are centered firmly in New Age.  Our music suggests the subject matter without defining it with words, its an ambient approach to sharing music that invites the audience to make their own conclusion and write their own story.


What is the inspiration and aspirations behind the latest single release? 
Last Light… Imagine the romantic and intimate moment when the sun goes down, the light changes, the candles are lit and the night scene comes to life by breaking into a playful rhythmic dance.  The song has two distinct sections to tell the story.


Can you tell us about the new record? How did the concept come to life?  
The first album has been well received and after requests to record more, we were encouraged to return to the studio.   There is nothing better than getting permission to keep going from peers and fans.

What is the ultimate inspiration when penning the tracks, especially on the new record?  
FLOW was formed on the basis of friendship. Having worked together for many years we have an understanding that allows us to bring musical motifs into the studio and have them completed by the group as if they were finishing your sentence.


Do you produce and record your own records, or do you head into the studio?  
We have all recorded at Imaginary Road Studios individually, that’s how we all met and so it made sense to record our FLOW album there with Will Ackerman and Tom Eaton as producers. 


What are your key musical goals for the end of the year?  
FLOW is working on a new album for 2019, we have four tracks written and recorded and we are looking forward to sharing the new music with our audience as soon as we can!
Stream their new album here:


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