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Jeremy Davis
July 07/19/18, 2018
Luke James Shaffer Delights on \
Growing up in Ohio, Luke James Shaffer had always been very shy, and regardless of growing up in fairly musical household, didn’t begin playing guitar or writing until he was 18 years old. Since then Shaffer has been working tirelessly to achieve his dreams of playing original music full- time and make them a reality. From his massive youtube presence garnering over 1 million views to a Top 20 spot on the iTunes singer/songwriter chart with his single, “Pressure,†from earlier this year, Shaffer isn’t wasting anytime. This Friday, he will be releasing a beautiful love song, “ Last First Kiss†

Shaffer explains that this song recounts a true story of friendship that blossomed into that will resonate with many. Give a listen to the enchanting piece, below.


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