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Jeremy Davis
February 02/01/18, 2018
Emil 13 is On Fire with New Single

Emil 13 is on fire with his new single "Spark It Up" Featuring Gunplay. You could say Emil was predestined to be onstage. While he was a budding rapper in high school messing with rhyming in his buddy’s basement, he attended a concert where he severally injured his thumb after an ambitious crowd-surfing antic where he attempted to mount the stage. Post high school, the pain from the injury truncated his desire to pursue a future in massage therapy, leaving him aimless and career less. With nothing to lose, he turned to thing that gave him the most pleasure: rapping. Hailing from Ontario, the artist is on the rise with a string of successful singles, the most current you can find below.



Give a listen to "Spark It Up" here:



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