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Jeremy Davis
January 01/26/18, 2018
Asha Pieper Is Lovely on \

Asha composes a singular adult contemporary pop that encompasses jazz harmony, smoldering torch singer vocals, and adventurous musical textures. The result is a cinematic aesthetic that entrances the listener with surprise twists in arrangement and instrumentation.Asha draws inspiration from artistic entities such as Stax Records, Motown, Impulse! Records, doo-wop, oldies radio, Phil Spector, and the world of musical theater.

Pieper states of the track:

“There was a period of time, that many of the relationships I held as secure and sacred, exploded. It took me a long time to realize, and to accept, that the world is heedy, and complex, and even if it doesn’t end with a happy ending, at least it’s over. And that can be something good.”  


Check out the video and socials at the following links:






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