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Jenny Raharivola The Family
Influences: African
Genres: world jazz, malagasy traditionalfolk, acoustic
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Born in Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, Jenny Raharivola is a young songwriter, guitarist and singer well-known today in the Malagasy artistic circles for the strong emotional and story-telling value of her instrumental compositions. The latter are strongly imbued with the different folk and traditional rhythms of her country with which she juggles delicately to bring compositions that are contemporary, jazzy and adorned with nature sounds.

Surrounded by elite young musicians in the traditional Malagasy music and jazz scenes in Madagascar, Jenny starts her journey in the musical narration of a History, that of a man's journey to Salvation. And just as the path of men can be strewn with trials, joys, struggles, and doubts, it is in the same way that the opuses of their current musical project highlight different emotions all converging towards the same terminus : Road to Salvation

Jenny Raharivola : Composer & Songwriter - Acoustic guitar & Vocals
Josia Rakotondravohitra : Drums & Percussions
Njaka Rakotonirainy : Keyboards
Ranto Rakotomalala : Electric Bass
Tsanta Randriamihajasoa : Marovany, Sodina (flute), Trumpet, Cello