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Peel black the buttery velvet curtain and step-inside a home-made den of world music with devil may care European bohemia, crackled walls, and mismatched furniture, raucous evenings, flowing absinthe and mad dancing.

Talk to the Spanish artist tucked in the corner painting Jamboree’s rag-tag of eccentric characters; suspending a moment in time when you are part of something extraordinary. Order local ale from the charmingly peculiar bar man, possibly wearing a ripped ladies pinafore with a string of Pat Butcher pearls … and pull up a seat to watch the Mad Hatter’s tea party begin.

Now if it’s a Monday… a tightknit collective of musicians will be conducting the audience through the evening from attentive European Folk appreciators to a joyous rabble dancing and cavorting to uplifting Gypsy Rock&Roll, World Beats and Americana.

Tuesday welcomes you with a smattering of candlelit tables surrounded by a get-together of session musicians playing beautiful Celtic tunes that have been passed down for 100’s of years, warming the soul and enflaming a throng of stomping feet.

FindJamboree’sCretan friendsBalothizerimmersed in wild and unpredictable melodies, medieval, ecstatic rhythms with an oriental undercurrent in this atmospheric haven each Wednesday.

Ewan Bleach brings the Golden Era of the roaring 1920’s and 1930’s Jazz to Jamboree each Thursday with a revolving orchestra of fine handpicked musicians of virtuosic and sincere talent.

The weekend is a dizzying spell of World music, Gypsy Punk, Mediterranean Sounds, Bolero Beats & rampaging musical delights of all kinds.