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Influence: India , North American
About "Divine Love"
Divine Love …and is given to us each and every day! We just have to start to see it……and let it flow directly into our hearts! Yes….let Divine Love surrounds us!

This is a song that reminds us of all the good things that God has given us! How happy we feel when we can see God in everything around us, in ourselves and in others. Nature is also a divine manifestation of God’s energy and love. God’s gift to us all! Divine love surrounds us!

Nature..…His gift to us all! Divine energy and Divine Love!

You don’t have to be so sad
Look at the good things God has given you
Stand tall and proud and true
Look at nature God’s gift to all
Divine Love surrounds us
Divine Love surrounds us

JALEBI Music Band Members:

- Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi): lead singer, lyrics

- Ramananda Roy: bass, double bass, synth, grooves, percussions, harmonium, sitar

- Yasoda Nanda: acoustic and electric guitar, vocals, dobro, grooves and loops, virtuals