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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Influences: Mediterranean , Balkan
Genres: poetics, traditional, ethnic, folk, greek, world
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The roots of Iliodromio’s music spread out into the soundscapes of Greece and the broader Eastern Mediterranean region. Through their unique creative process and work with contemporary dance, Iliodromio tries to create a new, yet timeless artistic movement which is constantly fed both from tradition and from contemporary practice.Iliodromio was created in the spring of 2012 in Thessaloniki as a result of Ιlias Sarigiannidis’s musical pursuits whilst studying in the Poetics laboratory of the University of Macedonia. The group originally included Stella Kampouridou and Vasilis Zigkeridis on the kaval and the kanun respectively and the voice of Yiannis Dionysiou to realise Sarigiannidis’ original lyrics and those of other Greek poets.Iliodromio means “a road” but also “place of the sun”. A place where the light of the soul is born, by analogy of the Sun, "the offspring of the good." Music has the ability to nourish and shape the soul of man, with a view to cultivate and complete through creation. The human body gives flesh and blood to the rhythmic and melodic substance of music, in eternal pulse.The ensemble’s members are (alphabetically in greek):Minas Vakaloudis | Double BassYiannis Dionysiou | Violin, VoiceVasilis Zigkeridis | KanunStella Kampouridou | KavalIlias Sarigiannidis | Lute, Compositions