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Ethno Fusion - music that's different, cool and trendy
Haji Mike
Influences: Mediterranean , Caribbean , West European
Genres: reggae, spoken word, dub poetry
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Photo by: Haji Mike
About: One Summer...
Photo by: Haji Mike
About: Chillin by a river in Corsica - Haji Mike & Kingdom Signal
Dub Poet and Outernational Radio Broadcaster based in Cyprus....been involved with Reggae music as a DJ and performer for about 30 years. Haji Mike's early material fused traditional Cypriot and Greek melodies with Jamaican dancehall riddims, creating a unique sub-genre called Vraggamuffin. Collaborations include SOS, Sonic Crime, Dub Caravan, Red Star Martyrs, Negritage and Kingdom Signal based in Corsica, who HAji Mike just released 'One Summer...' with in May 2017.