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Gwen Ar Born (Gwen & Yab Duo)
Influences: West European , North American , Scandinavian
Genres: electro-celtic (dance music), electro-celtic with rock/country, electro-celtic with pop/rock, eurobeat, ska and ballade, electro-celtic with trance/ballade, electro-celtic with breton rap, celtic pop with indian music influence, breton song on eurobeatbreton song
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About: Gwen & Yab Duo
About: Gwen & Yab Duo
Hello, Welcome in my Celtic Universe with my songs and my music spirit turned to the World !

Have a nice visit and see you very soon ! Kenavo (Bye in Breton).Keep in touch... Warm regards from Brittany.

Gwen Ar Born presentation for Incredible Talent :