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Gavino Murgia Trio
About "L'Ultima Mattanza"
"L'Ultima Mattanza" is the title track of our latest album. It is telling the story of the fishermen's tradition in Sardegna / Italy. The whole album is painting the landscape and atmosphere of the island of Sardegna.

Gavino Murgia - saxophones, voice, electronics
Michel Godard - tuba, serpent, electric bass
Patrice Heral - drums, voice

The sounds of an islandAnd yet here is that for countless centuries we fightwithout pity or remorse, so love the carnage and death,oh eternal rivals or brothers relentless! from „The man and the Sea“ by Charles Baudelaire, 1857Everything is in their eyes. Both life and death, instinct that becomes fate, into the trap on a journey of love towards the Mediterran... more
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