Genre: rock
About "Logan's Lament "
Logan's Lament © 2016 Gary Wayne Clark

A new Grammys® entered single by Gary Wayne Clark (a.k.a. Earamas®) - Dark and powerful, unearthly and haunting, an eerie supernatural dreamscape wrapped inside a musical vision quest of progressive rock interwoven with the tribal rhythms of Native American drums, flutes and voices.

Inspired by Clark's top selling murder mystery novel “Dead Balance”, the music and lyrics of Logan’s Lament draws the listener into a dream turned nightmare in the creepy mountain town of Deadraven beneath the shadow of the Continental Divide. It is in this surreal world that Grammys® Recording Academy Artist Gary Wayne Clark (Earamas®; Rise of the Chimera, Passage to Niburu) reveals his adept musical and lyrical terror that places you inside the mind of Logan Lone Bear Tuu'awata, a troubled Arapahoe boy with a paranormal talent for locating dead bodies, as he slowly descends into madness.

With a host of ethereal voices speaking in a demented dream language of Arapaho, Hopi, Spanish and English, Logan’s Lament delivers a frightful and disturbing mood for any brave souls that dare to don their headphones and venture into the dark corners of the mind. After listeners double-check the lock on the closet door and peer under the bed, they will be destined to sleep restlessly with one eye open… for the more they listen, the more they will hear.

Words, Music, Recording Engineering and Production by Gary Wayne Clark. Lead Guitar by Alexandra Nicole Clark. Percussion by Shilo Stroman. Rhythm Guitar by Rob Leavitt. Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards, Digital Drums, Vocals, SFX by Gary Wayne Clark. Percussion tracks recorded at the Downtown Artery, Ft. Collins, Colorado. Final Rendering with LANDR.

Cover Design
Art and cover design by Gary Wayne Clark; some images licensed from Shutterstock.

Song Inspiration
For all those who are suffering in their own silent insanity, who hear voices from the dark, and are contemplating a permanent solution to a temporary problem, do not despair. Listen to me, I am telling you a story. You are strong; you and I are strong. If you reach out you will find that other kindred souls are out there, waiting to hear your voice.

“Hoo3itoo. Koo-he-etn-oo3itoon-e3?”
A story. Should I tell you a story?
“Beneeni-noo neyoooxet cowo’oot.”
I am a whirlwind passing by.
“Hehheisonoonin neniitoneino', noh hebesiibeih'in,”
Let them hear us, our fathers and our grandfathers,
“Heetihcihkoutee' hoowu3oow hiine'etiit.”
So that the breath of life will endure for all time.
~Arapaho Proverb