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Gary Hurlstone Aka Smiling Knives
About "The Zen Kick"
Recorded in Lhasa and Hong Kong the track is really a journey, a journey that starts in Tibet then travels the Pan Celt Highway into China via Mongolia. It is what happens when a shepherdess meets a bunch of jazzers and an English folk-rock musician. The heartbeat is that of an unborn child, a girl later to be named, Zen.

My work follows in the folk tradition of telling stories through song. Thematically (in my case) this can include just about anything from what really happened to the Mary Celeste, Northern Soul Music, Alien Invasions and, in my latest work, the story of the love affair between UK photographer, David Bailey and model, Jean Shrimpton - anything goes. I try to capture the spirit and emotion of th... more
alt folk, ethnic
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