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2 times in the Global Top 40
Influence: West European , Caribbean
About "Cloudless"
From, How to Smile Upside Down, track released October, 2020
Tony Scherr (Norah Jones/Iron & Wine) plays both bass and electric guitar, Todd Caldwell (Crosby, Stills, Nash, Jackson Browne) Hammond B3, Robbin Harris (drums) production is Peter Scherr. It's sort of dedicated to 2020! Based upon a song I originally wrote for my daughter when she was around 2 years old. I used to perform the song whilst on tour in China, often with the help of a violin player or whoever happened to be available.


Cloudless - I wanted it to rain
Cloudless – things will ever change

All around the chosen there’s paint and wax
Circus clowns, animals - acrobats
Who cares if you are winning?
In the dark, I can see you grinning
Rising a foot off the floor

Cloudless - summer is here again
Cloudless- winter rearranged

So, climb upon my back, hold on tight
You don’t know what’s wrong or right
Who cares who is winning?
Our lives, they keep on spinning
Don’t let one of us fall


Hey preacher you can sit and sigh
But keep these harvest-moon’s passing by
I may not ever give you away
So, remember- remember
To look above you - it’s cloudless

Things will ever change
Things won’t stay the same


Don’t you run, don’t you hide,
All the love you keep inside

It’s cloudless