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Influence: African
About "Bleues Ekang INSTRUMENTAL"
With the aim that our association of promotion of the culture in Cameroonian equatorial Africa, generally and Culture Ekang in particular,

We thought we could offer you:

1- A concert by François Essindi
2- A musical tale show for young audiences by François Essindi,
3- Workshops of rhythms with young people, because our association proposes these activities in its object, and we collaborate with several artists in diversity ...

François Essindi is an independent artist whose activities are supported by our association Akiba, located in the 20th arrondissement in Paris.

Our website :

We will have a Stand and will be at the JIMI Show in Ivry sur Seine from 13 to 14 October 2017

Our Concert Proposal:

The concerts we propose are based on the work of artist François Essindi, promoter and player of traditional instruments, rhythms and endangered music in southern Cameroon.

François Essindi gathered around him, over time, musicians, machines and with experience he put together a concept. This is the "Tag Ekang Music Experiences ..."

We therefore propose in concert the production of the Concert of "François Essindi and the Tag Ekang Music Experiences ..."

The musicians :
Sabine Boyer / Flutes
Mivsam Noiman / Violin
Nathalie Durand / Bass Guitar
Aude Gillibert / Flutes
Francois Essindi / Chant, Traditional harp, percussion
Sound Technician / Samuel Lardilier


Release of the last Single, August 19, 2017
Next Concert, October 22 at the Aleph Theater 30 rye Christopher Columbus in Ivry sur Seine.
The artist's website
Our Storytelling Proposal

François Essindi is a versatile artist.

Storyteller, he draws far into the depths of Equatorial Africa.
Storyteller Boulou, named after a sub-group of the Fang-Beti ethnic group in southern Cameroon, blends stories, songs, music and dance harmoniously.

"Bidjo'o-Bidjo'o" is the perfect illustration. The artist tells of the life, stories of life, carrying high universal themes: peace, the fight against the injustices, the love, the respect of the given word, etc ... http: // tales/

Our Workshop Proposal:

The workshops are mainly based on rhythms, they also allow the discovery of musical instruments, other cultures.

You can participate even without a musical instrument, properly so called ...

"Is not the human body itself the first musical instrument ..."

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- BIO in English

- Technical sheet

We remain at your disposal for any continuation