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Elida Almeida
Cape Verde
Influences: African
Genres: world, cabo verde, funana, african, folk, west africa, lusafrica
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Photo by: Elida Almeida
About: Elida Almeida
Photo by: Elida Almeida
About: Elida Almeida
Once again, Cape Verde brings us an amazingly talented new singer! Aged 22, Elida Almeida overcomes the traumas of her troubled childhood on an album overflowing with folk melodies and seasoned with the beats of the Island of Santiago: batuque, funana and morna. On 17 Nov. 2015, Elida Almeida was awarded by the "Prix Découvertes 2015" given by Radio France International (RFI). (Elida Almeida is a Lusafrica artist).

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