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Dr. Mustafa Raza
Influences: India
Genres: indian classical music
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Dr. Mustafa Raza belongs to the Beenkar. Gharana (Family of School) Patiala and Moradabad. This Gharana has an important place in the Classical Indian music world. Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan Saheb have priceless contribution in "Vichiter Veena". The Patiala Gharana has has given the name and popularity to this rare and unique instrument in music world. Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan Saheb was the court musician and the Guru of his highness Maharaja of Patiala, princely state of Patiala.

Ustad Ahmed Raza Khan (Beenkar) had took training of Guru-Shishya Parampara, Vichiter Veena from Ustad Abdul Aziz Khan Saheb as per the tradition. He is the only disciple, who has to a tremendous appreciation in music world and at present created a different kind of image of his "Ustad and Gharana". Vichiter Veena's name also comes with Ustad Ahmed Raza Khan Saheb.He has been the court musician of Patiala State, Indore and Palanpur State for some time. He rendered the performance, contribution in popularizing the Vichiter Veena all over India and abroad. He was awarded Excellency Service of Music (A.I.R.) Rastrapati Award, Veena Ratan Award, Tantra Vilas Award, Sangeet Shiromani Award, Sangeet Natak Academy Award, Sahityakala Parishad Award and Master of Veena Award e.t.c.

The father of Dr. Mustafa Raza, Ustad Ahmed Raza Khan Saheb had been linked up as court musician of Akbar Darbar alongwith great musician Tansen. This family has produced many great musicians and wizard of their own time like Ustad Chajju Khan Saheb, renowned exponent of "Sur Sagar' and Veena' and he was the Court Musician of the Palampur State, Ustad Sher Khana (Kingdom of Nepal) Ustad Tajummull Hussain Khan (Veena and Dhurpad) State of Jodhpur, Ustad Kale Nazir Khan, court musician of State of Rampur, Ustad Aman Ali Khan and Padma Vibhushan Ustad Ahmed Jan Thirukwa. The honour of Title Beenkar was given by the Maharaja of Patiala to Ustad Ahmed Raza Khan Saheb.

Dr. Mustafa Raza has taken early training of Vichiter Veena and Classical Music from his father Ustad Ahmed Raza Khan as per the tradition (Seena Ba Seena),Guru Shishya Parampara and practicing 12 hours a day. He has Introduced the instrument Vichiter Veena in America, Canada,London, Finland, France, Germany, Sweden, Estonia, Syria,Tunis, Kuwait, Turkey,Istanbul, Egypt, Doha, Qatar and all over the world. He has participated in Millenium 2000 Festival 24 hours in Paris and world music festival in Estonia. He has popularised the Vichiter Veena in Foreign Countries. Dr Raza is the only traditional player of this instrument in the whole world and this (vichiter Veena) is known in the music festival by his name in music world.

Dr. Raza has played duit fusion with Western instrument like Guitar+ Veena, Cello + Veena, Piano+Veena, saxophone+veena, Ud+Veena and Flute, Harp+Veena e.t.c. in all music festival in the foreign countries. He has famous companies of America, London, France, Germany, Canada, Estonia, have released his music CDs. The first time America's company has released CD "The Art of Indian Veena" which comes in U.S.A. top ten of quoted very beautiful world about Veena and classical music. Dr. Raza has many disciples in foreign countries.

He has done Doctor of Medicinie (M.D.) He is the Selection Grade-I artist of A.I.R. and Doordarshan along with classical music scholar (Ministry of Culture, Government of India). He has taken Diploma in Hindustani Music. He has got Gold Medal in Hindustani Music Competition and also composed music in devotional music, Sufiana Kalam and Folk tradition music. He has received many awards and title like Tantra Vilars, Veena Vadan, Veena Ratna and Master of Veena in Qatar e.t.c. He has shown the developed Personal (patiala Gharana Style of Gayaki Ang for Raga) and expression of the artist which required refined and sublime, spirit which is only developed form never lasting practice (Sadhana).