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Derrik Jordan
About "Sandcastles"
"Sandcastles" is a piece that creates a world of mystery in sound. What are we? Where are we? What are the possibilities for us? Our greatest triumphs are soon erased by the tides of time. And yet we still build our castles in the sand that reach toward the sky. Such is the nature of human striving and desire to create something of meaning in the world. Featuring Erik Lawrence (pictured) on flute and Billy "Blanco" White on oud. Derik plays percussion and 5 string electric violin.

Living in southern Vermont, Derrik Jordan has sung national jingles, worked with many bands and has had his songs recorded by other artists, but what really excites him is writing, recording and performing his original music.

He is an award-winning singer-songwriter and composer, multi-instrumentalist (electric violin, percussion, guitar and piano), recording artist and produce... more
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