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David Guitard AKA DG
About "Twice"
This is a 'Demo' short track for 'Twice' which is from my first retail album 'ONE' that has recently been Re-Released by DG Records with the full track available for purchase!
Early on while healing, I used to say the same thing quite often, in discussion especially without realizing and this is something I continued to do throughout my recovery! Still though, I always had a thought in my head that I really didn't like having to say something or do something twice, even though it's what I continued to do for quite some time! Hence became, Twice..

Like many artists, my introduction to music & singing was at a young age being on stage at 5 years old wearing a cowboy hat & boots! With a musical family who sing & play many instruments all having a big influence! Also many great artists like Bruce Springsteen, The Eagles, Bob Dillon, CCR, Gordon Lightfoot, Metallica, Guns & Roses & also The Tragically Hip to name a few! ... more
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