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Daniel Rueff
The Scattering The new composition now has a title. All main themes are written. Now I begin arranging, recording and production work. More info to follow... # GypsyUrban http:// more
I do not fit in a box... When I am asked, “What is it that you do?” and I reply that I compose music, the almost obligatory response is “What kind of music do you write?” The Music Industry is largely to blame for the cultural categorization of music and the mental programming of listeners to choose which predetermined classification fits in best with their social mask. It is certainly more di... more
Puri daj release Available from CD Baby® A musical journey mirroring the migration of the Roma people from North India to the Iberian peninsula. more
New single # GypsyUrban # WorldMusic http://   more


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Annie (06/05/16 17:12)
I would love to hear more of your music on this wonderful site soon! Thank you!!
Daniel Rueff
Daniel Rueff (06/18/15 16:59)
Composer of genre-defying music that stirs the Soul. Multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, recording artist, producer, and sonic architect. For nearly 50 years Daniel has cultivated a personal musical vocabulary utilizing both electric and acoustic instruments. more
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