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Influence: West European
Genre: folk, hip hop, skiffle
About "Jump Ararnd"
DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show V's The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican! .... The STREET KID VID

The Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican challenged us to mangle their parody version of 'Jump Ararnd' a rap song previously known as 'Jump Around' by House of Pain ...

ORIGINAL SONG - House of Pain 'Jump Around'

Our 'Pig Pen Mix' features the sublime fiddle of Eliza Carthy and the deft Banjo playing of Mike Harding as well as some of the layers of brilliance supplied by the Bar Stewards and pals.

Words, hollers, squeals, oil drums and wubba wubba's were added by Skiffle Show ... in the darkest recesses of a pig pen, far far away in the Bagthopre Delta (NG16)

'Jump Ararnd ... Pig Shed Mix' will be released in aid of charity on April 19th 2014 via ...

You'll find DH Lawrence & The Vaudeville Skiffle Show at:

No pigs were harmed in the production of this video ...


Ay up mi duck, ay y' gorra a pahnd
Gooin darn tarn, meet me at the Lion
Vodka through a straw, I'm already pissed up
I'll spray some shapes so the girls all act up
Gerrup, stand up, come on! Chuck yer 'ands up
Saturday night n' Sunday mornin'
I'll be dancing all night, just heed mah warnin'
I love that lippie, lets go dahn t' Chippy
Feel it, fry it, I'm feelin' drunk
I'll tek y' rarnd back, don't drop y' chips
Is it cowd? Y' got chapel 'at pegs!
I'll meet y' t'morra ahtside Greggs

I'm off dahn tarn x 2
Lend us a pahnd and jump ararnd
Jump ararnd x 3
Jump up, jump up and get darn.
Jump [18x]

Gerrit up, Gerrit in, I can't wait t' begin
Gis another tin, ay y' pur aht the bin
Y' lookin rough, you've had enough
boffed y' kebab ova Brian Clough
Am gooin dahn t' Lion in 't Market Square
I reckon there's a few lasses gooin spare
Mi cars all knackered, I can't mek it goo backard
I need to gerrit arrt, let's gi-it a clarht
Yo, I could do wi a pie, then I'll tek the t*** om
See er, fat lass, keys are in t' flat
Who worri wi, worree wi 'er ?
No it wer that lass from dahn Goose Fair


Nottingham's da place to be
For every lad, there's lasses three
Robbin t' rich to feed the poor
Robin Hood he knew the score
Don't believe owt abaht guns n' thugs
I've got more rhymes than little Jake Bugg ("in the trouble town")
Lend us a parnd or gi us a twenteh
It's a bloody Shane Meadows' documenter-eh