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DBACS / Music Division
United States
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Gabriel Tchiema
Gabriel Tchiema
Genre: world, tchianda, jazz, fusion
Vivalda Ndula
Vivalda Ndula
Genre: world, afro, fusion, afro-fusion, trip hop, brazilian electro, jazz, pop, mandingue, semba
Vivalda Ndula New Album Vivalda Dula has teamed up with Latin Grammy Winner producer  Emilio D. Miler   for her newest solo album DULA. Featuring all original music by Vivalda, and performances by an international cast of stellar musicians, recorded in ten different countries in four continents. Click the link to read her interview with Houston CityBook Magazine: more
StarAfrica Sound  2015 Finalists   Congrats to Vivalda Dula for been one of the finalists of AstarAfrica Sound music competition for 2015 edition. more
Happy Birthday Vivalda Dula Happy Birthday Vivalda Dula. We wish you all the best! more
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