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Influences: Latin American , Caribbean
Genres: reggae, new latin ska
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Jaune Élktrik 4th release june 2013 On stage live, Colectivo is a true fiesta for the spectators. The shows are layered with percussive, multi-colored and energetic rhythms which tantalize your eyes, ears and feet, blending this 10 member band into one unified sound on stage. The infectious vocal styling of Shantal Arroyo entice you for an eventful evening of hot Latin dancing! The audience always begs, wails and sweats for more! Since the release of their debut album in 2002 entitled "Hasta la fiesta...Siempre", and in 2005 ''ESPECIAL'' in 2011 after un long tour in Mexico and USA The bus took a quick stop to tune up and came back in 2011 with a trilangual album: TROPICAL TRASH ! and Colectivo's eclectic recidivism has given birth to a 4th album in 2013, but this time in french,"JAUNE ELEKTRIK" every bit as dynamic and sizzling with fiestas and drinks all over the place.        more
Photo by: Colectivo
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Photo by: Colectivo
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Photo by: Colectivo
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The 10 members of this all-star band (a who's who from Montréal's alternative scene, including Overbass, Grimskunk, Redcore, and BARF) invite you to jump on board their boisterous rhythm collective - destination party! With a third album, Tropical Trash, now in the can, the band gets set to leave it all out on stage, combining Latin music, reggae, punk and a well-honed pacifist message to achieve a single-minded purpose: to drive people onto the dance floor and keep them there! A distinctive union of people sharing the same level of passion and values who inspire team spirit and unity, spreading the word of social equality without frontiers or barriers to our youth. They are the symbol of a new musical and social revolution, one which reflects innovation, pacifism and encourages the free spirit in all of us to come forward. One thing that is clear is their message, evident in their music, propelled by their energy: No matter what the outcome is, there is always HOPE