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Celestial Ceiling
British Virgin Islands
Influences: Scandinavian , Middle Eastern , Oceanian
Genres: electronic, acoustic, sci-fi, ambient, abstract, world instruments, psychedelic
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March 2022 #30 - Top 40 for Oceanian Influence MUL.MUL (track)
May 2021 #21 - Top 40 for Australian Influence MUL.MUL (track)
April 2021 #21 - Top 40 for Australian Influence MUL.MUL (track)
Legend has it the origin story of Celestial Ceiling began after it’s founding member was contacted by a “legion of multi-dimensional, extraterrestrial beings of light” who impulsed him to produce electronic music using organic instruments. Electronic minimalism. Ambient Acoustic,

Inspired by indigenous world sounds, Peruvian folkfloric music, Native American flutes, Icelandic folk, ethiopean jazz, psychedelic jazz, world funk, Off-planetary influences.

instruments include:

classical guitars,acoustic guitars,electric guitars,12-string guitars,fretless guitar,synth guitar,moon guitar,cello,bass,mandolin,mandola,charango,ronroco,ukulele,oud,harp,piano,keyboards,organ,melodion,violin,trumpet,tenor saxophone,alto saxophone,bamboo sax,cocobolo sax,classical flute,quena,quenacho,zampoña,moseño,duduk,drums,percussion,cajón,quijada,mbira,harmonica,programming,electronics,pads,beats,effects,field recordings...