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Influences: West European , Mediterranean
Genres: traditional, folk, early music and classical
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Cardo-Roxo is a duo composed of Antony Fernandes and Carmina Repas Gonçalves, a couple of musicians living in Porto. This project began in 2012, out of a desire to recreate and bring to the public a new perspective on the beautiful repertoire of traditional Portuguese music.Cardo-Roxo proposes a musical approach based on listening, an appreciation of silence and the natural volume of the instruments, without any amplification or artificial effects. The objective is to invite the audience to enjoy a beautiful and intimate concert, exploring to the fullest the instruments’ capabilities and the environment in which they find themselves.Along with the contemplative dimension and, always with the purpose of reestablishing the connection between the audience and their own roots, they carefully chose melodies from audio, video or written sources over which they composed musical arrangements that respected the emotional essence of their source. In this sense, their music is both original and modern as well as familiar and old, as they strive to retain the music’s origins whilst breathing into it new life.